Arms Shaper 2 units

Arms Shaper 2 units

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Wave goodbye to flabby arms: Arms Shaper

Flabby, wiggly arms or bat wings, you know what I'm referring too, that flabby bit of skin under our upper arms.  Those bat wings haunt us, every time we lift our arms or wave goodbye to someone. Get rid of your flabby arms today with our arms shaper!

Conceal those bat wings with our slimming arm shaper

Stop worrying about your flabby and saggy arms with this arm shaper. By firming up your upper arms, it leaves them looking noticeably toned and firmed-a simple solution for those wiggly bat wings without even having to lift up a dumbbell or break a sweat.

 It is designed to compress your entire upper arm area, promoting arm circulation, helping to reduce swelling and the appearance of cellulite. The firm compression will feel like a micro massage.

 With our control arm wear, you will not only boost your confidence, but also your style credentials, because you are going to look great!


Why you need shapewear for your upper arms?

Stop being arm-shy by wearing tight fitting blouses or tops. With this arm wear, you will be proudly waving hello to everyone.  Made from ultra-thin powerful, breathable, compressing material that conceals that embarrassing arm flab. They are so comfortable that you won't even know you are wearing them.

 Ideal for flabby arms, wrinkles, cellulite, scars and blemishes. Giving that extra confidence you need to perform your daily activities. Innovative design means no irritating roll-up or bunching arm shapewear.

 The lightweight fabric will smooth away any imperfections. Comes in many sizes, order the size that will fit best the diameter of your upper arms. If you are looking for a quick way to re-vamp your style and tone down your arms, then look no further. This high-compressing arm shaper is for you!

 Here are some product highlights:

- Helps tone women flabby or saggy arms

- Perfect for loose skin compression

- Easy to wear and take everywhere while doing other daily life things.


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